Recondition Repair Your Battery
Car - Boat - RV - Golf cart - Motorcycle - Lawn Mower


The average new car battery replacement cost is about $75.00. 

The average cost to replace Golf Cart batteries is about $600.00. 


I can show you how to recondition your lead acid batteries back
to new for just a few dollars per battery. 

This Process works over 95% of the time
and only takes about 15 minutes.

30 Day Money Back Guaranteed!!

With just a few household items you can do this yourself without
any previous experience or knowledge. 

You can actually do this process with the battery still installed.

This works on Maintenance Free Batteries!

Do you have a battery that is completely dead and won't charge?
This will fix it.  You just follow the instructions and it will be like new again.

Don't be skeptical!!!  I know that is the first reaction when you read this.


Every time I help a friend with this they are the same way.
When I finish they think I have performed MAGIC!!!


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This pays for itself multiple times over
on your first Battery!

The first battery I ever did, had been sitting in a truck in a
field for 2 1/2 years.  It would not charge at all.  I did this to it
and it was like a brand new battery.

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